Exhibition “Colours Of Winter: Gloves From Estonia”


Since when have the Estonians been wearing knitted gloves? Why are the gloves so colourful and patterned? How was colourful yarn obtained?

You can find answers to these questions at the exhibition “Colours Of Winter: Gloves From Estonia” at the University of Białystok Culture Center, which was brought to the capital of Podlaskie thanks to Iwona Wrońska, PhD, Honorary Consul of Estonia in Białystok.

For Estonians, living in a northern climate, mittens are an essential element in their lives.

In addition to their practical value, mittens also play a significant role in Estonian folk culture, and the tradition of knitting mittens is still very much alive today. Mittens clearly demonstrate regional variations and, in the course of many centuries, new methods and fashions have reached Estonia. People’s thoughts and feelings are knitted into mittens, plus patterns that tell tales of ancient times.

“The exhibition which arrived in Białystok introduces a small part of the over 5000 mittens and related stories in the collections of the Estonian National Museum, which was founded in 1909. The displayed mittens are copies of the museum items, knitted by students and graduates of national handicrafts at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy” – says Iwona Wrońska.

Embassy fo Estonia in Warsaw is the main organiser of the exhibition.

Venue: Uniwersyteckie Centrum Kultury UwB, ul. Konstantego Ciołkowskiego 1m

When: since 28.02.2017r.

Entrance: free


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