11. Baltic Meetings of Illustrators 13 May to 8 June 2016


This year's edition of the Baltic Meetings of Illustrators, 11th already, organised by the Baltic Sea Culture Centre will not be held in autumn as the previous editions, but in spring – between 13 May and 8 June 2016.

The upcoming edition of the Meetings will feature an international exhibition titled "It’s Always Tea-Time" inspired by Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". The organiser of the exhibition is the Estonian Centre for Children's Literature in Tallinn, which cooperates with BSCC on a regular basis. The invitation extended by Viive Noor, the exhibition curator, was accepted by artists from all countries of the Baltic region, including Poland, as well as illustrators from Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Iran.

As every year, the Baltic Meetings of Illustrators will be accompanied by lectures, workshops and meetings with the artists at NCK - Ratusz Staromiejski


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