Eco Expanded City in Wroclaw


Eco Expanded City is an exhibition-cum-workshop project, combining a series of shows and events, exploring imagined and real, past, historical and potential relationships among society, art, nature and technology as they are rendered in artistic and design practices, revealing their mutual interpenetrations and interdependences.

During the opening weekend (13-15 May, 2016) you will be able, among others, to:

– give pause for thought about the hermit in the gallery: AKI INOMATA (JP), Why Not Hand Over a «Shelter» to Hermit Crabs?
– let yourself be fed by a robot in the synagogue: Simon Laroche + David Szanto (CA), Perpetual Demotion
– see an anarchist body in the city: Anarchy Dance Theatre (TW), Second Body
– listen to the ants in the philharmonic: Elvin Flamingo, a.k.a. Jarosław Czarnecki + Irek Wojtczak + JAAA!, SHMIB
– deliver a dolphin in the basement: Ai Hasegawa (JP), I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin
– sit inside a megaphone in the forest: Hannes Praks + Birgit Öigus (EE), Megaphones



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