Short film "Strays" in Warsaw

09.10.2009 - 18.10.2009

The joint master’s project “Strays”, made by Sri Lankan-Norwegian director Sutharsan Bala and Estonian producer Marianne Ostrat of the Baltic Film and Media School, will participate in the short film competition at the Warsaw Film festival.

The main character of the 39-minute short film “Strays” is Nazeeya, a 24-year-old Muslim woman who has one day left to find a man in Estonia before her grandfather takes her back home and, according to tradition, marries her off to his friend. “Strays” is a tragic story of the lack of understanding between generations, and about the high price of personal freedom. “Strays” is loosely based on the director’s own experiences—Sutharsan Bala was 4 years old when she emigrated to Norway from Sri Lanka due to a civil war.

The lead roles in “Strays” are played by actors Jekaterina Novosjolova, Ago Soots, Jevgeni Gajchuk, and 14-year-old Paulo Kulešov, who was studying at the French Lyceum of Tallinn at the time of filming and made his film premier in this piece. The film is in Estonian and Russian and was filmed in Tallinn.


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