Fingerprints in travel documents


Starting from June 29th, 2009, all applicants of Estonian travel documents are required to give their fingerprints. The fingerprints are included onto the chip inside the passport cover. Children above the age of 6 are also required to give fingerprints, children below the age of 6 will not have to give fingerprints. As the result of compulsory fingerprint-giving, the procedure of applying for repeated passports by mail will change. In the future, it is possible to apply for a repeated passport by mail only in the case when the person has already received one passport containing fingerprints and less than 2 years have passed since the issuance of this passport.

It is possible to apply for a repeated passport by mail until June 28th, 2009 (passport applications bearing a postal stamp of a later date will not be reviewed without fingerprints - the applicant will have to go to an Estonian foreign representation or to Estonia to give fingerprints). Applications for repeated passports until June 28th, 2009 can be submitted by those persons, whose passport will expire soon (a few months are left until the expiration date) or by persons who for any other reason would like to receive a new passport. There are no changes in the procedure of applying for the initial passport (applications can be turned in at Estonian foreign representations, it is not possible to submit them to the Honorary Consuls). Additional information concerning the fingerprint-taking, use of fingerprints and other questions can be found on the website of the Citizenship and Migration Board.


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