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Translation of official documents

Sworn translation

Mrs. Tanja Ivask (Polish-Estonian)

WikiWorld OÜ

Triumph Plaza Building

Narva mnt 7, II. entrance, 5. floor, room529

10117, Tallinn

Phone: +372 5331 6886 (Estonian, English and Russian language)

Phone: +372 5563 5272 (Polish language)



Receiving and issuing of documents  Mo-Fr 13–17, upon application at other times


Mrs. Oksana Kustova (Estonian-Polish-Estonian)

Plest OÜ

Phone: +372 5307 2887



To submit documents please call ahead.

official registration data at the Ministry of Justice of Estonia

However, when a sworn translation is needed for a Polish citizen, there is a possibility to obtain it by contacting Polish Embassy in Tallinn. According to Polish law regulating functions of Polish consuls (from 13th February 1984, art. 20.1), Polish consul in Tallinn has right to translate Estonian-Polish and Polish-Estonian documents. Documents translated by Polish consul have legal power of a sworn translation.

Polish Embassy in Tallinn
Address: Suur-Karja, 110140 Tallinn, Estonia

tel. +372 627-82-06
fax +372 644-52-21

Consular Unit of the Polish Embassy in Tallinn:
tel. (+372) 627-82-08
fax. (+372) 627-82-13

According to Estonian Consular Act, which regulates functions of Estonian consuls abroad, Estonian consul in Poland has right to translate documents when a document is needed for an Estonian citizen in Poland or an Estonian legal person or when a document is connected with a property situated in Estonia. Documents translated by Estonian consul have legal power of a sworn translation.

Non-sworn translation

Please find below a list of non-sworn Estonian-Polish or Polish-Estonian translators in Poland:

1.Mrs Anita Alumäe
tel. +48 694 964 754
2. Mrs Reet Otsason
tel. +48 661 134 890, +48 81 445 4538
3. Mr Aarne Puu
tel. +48 12 415 1320
4. Mrs Anna Michalczuk
5. Mrs Anna Juga-Szymańska
tel. +48 694 775 759
6. Mrs Irena Golińska
Tel.+48 586 910 132
Pruszcz Gdański
7. Mr Arno Alumäe
Tel.+48 787 632 055
8. Mr Kuldar Ojasoo
Tel.+48 666 899 377


This list is provided for the convenience of enquirers, Embassy of Estonia does not take responsibility for the probity or competence of any person listed above.

For more information regarding translations please do not hesitate to contact the Embassy of Estonia in Poland.



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